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Presets for Retrologue 2 by Durotronik

Electro Oscillators was produced around the concept of electronic music. This retro content is a compilation of my favorite presets that I have programmed from 2012 to 2021

This pack contains 128 custom presets for the awesome Retrologue 2 analogue synth which is part of Cubase Pro line of VST instruments. Making them was a lot of fun. I know you will enjoy them!

With this bank of presets you will be inspired to reach new musical ideas.​

Drums - Pads - Leads - Arps - Bass - LFO - Musical FX

And more! All of them tailored to produce rich electronic and warm analogue synth music.


These presets are only compatible with
Retrologue 2 64bit 
Mac or PC

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Audio Samples

Song: Electro Oscillators

Arranged and produced by Salvador Pelaez (Durotronik)

Song: City Exit

Arranged and produced by Salvador Pelaez (Durotronik)

Preset Samples

Patch Presets Samples - By Durotronik
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Tears - By Durotronik
00:00 / 00:00

Video Teaser

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