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I'm pleased to announce the release of the beloved GSCW Kit with its own GUI

Available formats: Carefully select your format
PC VST 64bit  -  Mac VST  -  Mac Logic AU


PC  VST 64bit 

Mac VST 

Logic AU

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line by using the contact me form.

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Audio Samples


This Kit contains samples from a special set of drums that I had in my studio. Kick drums was a Birch 16X16 floor tom that I had transformed with hoops and all. That little sucker has a Punch and does not like to be called little.

These samples were pre-mixed and mixed down with a fixed pan in the stereo field (Drummer's perspective) but you can load the multi-out version and mix further if you need to. Sampled with great care and attention to articulation. 24bit-48k Multi-layer velocities samples of each drum and cymbal and also sampled cymbal rolls. Snare Drum is very articulate with plenty of layers (18) There are no fancy multi mics parameters.


Ready to play and inspire you. 

Easy to use GUI with volume control for each drum and cymbal.
GSCW is light on your computer and responsive.


PC: VST 64bit   
Mac: VST and AU


The Kit


16X16 Base Drum

5X13 Maple Custom Works Snare Drum

10X10 Maple Tom Tom

13X14 Birch Tom Tom

14" Hi Hats
6" Splash

14" Crash

18" Crash

22" Ride

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