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Percussion Virtual Instruments +

Bombo Leguero 2k.png
Bombo Leguero title.png

Play and feel this legendary Drum like never before.
The amazing Bombo legüero!

Carefully sampled in great detail by sound designer Salvador Peláez.

Category: Ethnic Percussion 

Origen: Argentina 

Style: Ethnic folk music, Cinematic, etc.

Audio Demo 

Sublime CeiboSalvador Peláez
00:00 / 01:02

Listen with headphones or at your studio

Bombo Leguero Lt image.png

M1 Monterey authenticated**

Custom UI Player for Win and Mac




HALionsonic SE3 Player Format for Win and Mac. (Coming Soon)


24bit-48k. Samples recorded and programmed at Pristine Studio by Salvador Peláez
Sampled from a real, custom built Argentinian Drum from Santiago Del Estero and shipped to the US.



This Lite’ version VST instrument comes with 2 presets. One has all samples layered for velocity play and the other preset has a simple chromatic spread of the samples across the keys.

BL-Dinámico Lt. - BL-Cromático Lt. (Presets are in Spanish)

Each mapping provides different ways to compose music via midi.

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